From wooden pallets It is possible to make different pieces of furniture. In this master class we learn how to make a sofa with your own hands from the pallets. If you do not decorate the sofa cushions, then we will have a great bench, which can be put both indoors and outdoors. Due to the structure of the pallet, in the back and seat of the sofa there is additional space for storage of different things.

So, to create a bench with your own hands, you will need:


  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint Brush
  • Dense emery paper


  • Wood pallet
  • Iron corners
  • Bars for bench legs (4pcs)
  • Flat metal straps
  • Metal hinges
  • Plaster or putty
  • Wood primer
  • Paint of any color
  • Water repellent impregnation
  • Cushions (not necessary)


1. Take a wooden pallet and saw it in two parts as shown in the photo.

Sofa with your own hands

2. Turn over the big half of the pallet and put in its corners wooden bars.

How to make a sofa with your hands

3. Iron сorners securely attach bars to the pallet of a leg. For mounting the outside, use flat metal strips.

Bench with your own hands


4. Next you need to put the back of the bench. For reliable fastening also use iron corners and metal laths. Check that the legs and back of the bench are not reeling.

How to make a bench

Bench with your hands of wood

5. Inspect from all sides the resulting bench and its surface, as well as a wooden board, which will become a lid. On necessity, all cracks or apertures grease with putty or plaster. If possible, grind all surfaces.

Bench of pallets with your hands

of pallets with your hands photo

Pallet Furniture

6. Treat the surfaces with a wood primer. Paint the bench and its backrest with a dye. Allow to dry completely.

Furniture made of pallets with your own hands

Useful advice:

If you plan to put a bench on the street or veranda, first treat it with water repellent impregnation.

7. Attach the painted lid to the top of the backrest with metal hinges. You should get a closing drawer. There you can put a blanket, pillows and other things.

Furniture Pallet

Sofa with your hands

Useful advice:

To the wooden bench turned into a comfortable sofa, you can put on the seat and back large soft pillows.

How to make a bench with your hands

Enjoy your holiday!

Bench master class


Also you can see another version bench with your own hands of pallets.

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