Let’s look at stepping execution, how to make such original flowers from the paper with their own hands. To create a flower we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • Double sided color paper
  • Glue


1. Cut a square of colored two-sided paper (the more you cut the square, the larger the flower) and fold it diagonally in half.

Fold the flower from the paper with your own hands

2. Now it is necessary to fold once again the resulting triangle, forming corners as in the picture.

We continue to fold the flower from the paper with our hands

3. Next, we begin the process of creating the core, so that the paper flower becomes more realistic. For this purpose it is necessary to bend inside external angles of the received lateral triangles.

Making the core for the flower

4. At this stage it is necessary to fold the side triangles in half so that the corners remain inside. Now you need to apply glue on the edges, as in the picture.

Continue making the core for the flower

5. We made one petal with a core for our paper flower.

One flower petal with his hands

6. It is necessary to repeat the previous steps five more times, to glue on each side the received petals and we will leave one flower. If you want the flowers to be bright, you can use two-sided colored paper with different effects.

Original paper flowers with their own hands

Also original look flowers made from newspapers

Flowers from the newspaper with their own hands

Such flowers can decorate gifts, as well as any holiday!

Flower of paper with his own hands

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