In today’s post we will learn how to make a flashlight from the paper with his own hands. Let us consider in details the method of manufacture. So, we’ll need:


  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Oil knife (at the wish)


  • Paper (white or color)
  • Glassine (or colored paper)
  • Adhesive or double sided adhesive tape
  • Candle in a glass candlestick

Candle holders with own hands photo


1. Print the template you like

Template 1

How to make a candlestick with own hands

Template 2

Paper lanterns with own hands scheme

2. With the help of a stationery knife cut out leaves and a stalk. On a contour of petals make cuts

Candle holders with own hands Master class

3. Now we need to give volume to our petals. For this we take a knife for oil, insert it in cuts and bend petals

Candle holders with own hands

4. To give color and expressiveness can be glass candlestick wrap first colored paper, and then a sheet with a pattern

Paper lanterns scheme

5. Using two-sided adhesive tape or glue, glue the edges together

6.  Put a candle in a glass candlestick and enjoy the result!

How to make a flashlight out of paper with own hands

Lanterns made of colored paper

Paper lantern with own hands

Other variants of making a candlestick you can see here

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