They look beautiful, don’t they? Such original flashlights, made with their own hands, will be able to give romance and atmosphere to any room.

Let’s learn how to make these candlesticks on their own. For this we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Office button


  • Color paper
  • Glue
  • Candle
  • Glass candlestick


1. First, take a sheet of colored paper and print a template on it

Paper lantern with own hands

or draw on the sheet with a pencil any of ornament

Draw an ornament for a paper lantern

Ornaments options:

Ornaments for paper lanterns

2. It’s time to take the stationery button and gently, on the outline of the pattern, evenly to make holes

Making holes with a clerical buttonMaking holes in a paper lantern

3. Then take the eraser and erase the rests of the drawing with a pencil. If we printed the template, then you do not need to erase anything 🙂

Erase Pencil Eraser

4. Smear the edges of the paper with glue and glue them. We should get a cylinder.

Glue Paper Flashlight

5. Now it’s time to take a candle in a glass candlestick and “put on” it on our product

Paper lantern with own hands

Lanterns from paper Master Class

All! Our paper candlestick is ready! Now we can enjoy the result.

Other variants of making a candlestick you can see here

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