In this video, we have collected for you interesting life hacks & tips for different occasions. Watch and let your life become more comfortable!

Simple hacks:

00:00 How to find small things with a vacuum cleaner?
00:10 How easy it is to prepare eggs for salad.
00:18 Open a bottle of wine with a hair straightener.
00:32 How easy it is to open jars from a pharmacy.
00:50 What to do if the battery size is too small.
01:00 How to get broken keys out of the keyhole.
01:15 How to untie a tightly knotted shoelace.
01:20 How to make a soap dish out of a plastic bottle.
01:24 Making more closet space.
01:39 Making a soap dish.
01:54 How to fold clothes quickly and neatly.
02:04 Tucking in the sheet quickly
02:10 Ironing a tie with a hair straightener
02:21 Inflate the mattress with a hair dryer
02:28 How to shrink a hair band
02:40 How do you hide your socks from view?
02:54 Flowerpot from a plastic bottle
02:55 Making croutons in the oven
03.01 If there is no toaster
03:09 Idea for a safe
03:25 Quickly make a hairstyle with a pencil
03:41 Making a paper plane that flies far
03:54 Great idea for a quick door handle repair
04:08 Fixing the smartphone near the outlet when recharging
04:18 An easy way to clasp bracelet
04:26 Beautifully tuck the bottom of the pants
04:36 If the loops are torn out
04:59 How to remove puffs on pantyhose
05:10 Improving the way irrigate
05:21 Wash basin from a syringe and a plastic bottle
05:30 Gorgeous bow on the dress
05:36 Packing a gift without tape
05:56 Close the box so that nothing spills out of it
06:12 How to quickly thread a needle
06:22 Make a watering can for the country house
06:32 Close the package without latches

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