To make yourself such a tasty souvenir, we need:


  • Scissors
  • Token


  • Candy
  • Adhesive or double sided adhesive tape
  • Foam or cardboard
  • Paper


1. First we need to make a basis for our future car. For this we take a piece of foam or cardboard and cut out two parts (see the picture)

The basis of the car of sweets

2. From a cardboard or thin styrofoam cut out four wheels and on the inside of each wheel glue a substrate from a paper.

Car Wheels

3. Next we need to glue the wheels with candy. Apply glue or double-sided adhesive tape on the wheel, and in the middle of the wheel glue a round candy, and the edges pasted longer. We try to pick up such candies to glue all wheel without strong gaps.

Pasted Wheels Candy

4. Glue wheels to the base of the car.

Glue wheels to the car

5. Now it’s time to fill in the layers of candy car body.  The windshield and side glasses are not seal.

Pasted body Sweets

Pasted body Sweets

6. In order for the car to become more cheerful, draw his eyes with a marker.

Car of sweets with their own hands

With a little effort and patience, we made ourselves a wonderful car of sweets. Any kid will be delighted with such a gift!

Car of Sweets Hand maid

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