Interestingly, the socks are produced original products. One of them is a snowman from the sock. To make it we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle


  • Sock white color
  • Thread
  • Rice, wool or shreds for snowman packing
  • Pieces of matter for making a scarf and hats
  • English pins or buttons (for eyes and spout)
  • Glue
  • Decoration


1. Cut off the bottom of the sock, below the heel.

Cut a sock for making a snowman from a sock

2. Remove the sock on the underside and sew or tie the hole

Tie a sock on one side

3. Turn the sock back on the front side

Front side of the connected sock

4. The inside of the sock is whipped with rice, cotton wool or unnecessary bushes fabrics.  It is not necessary to do a lot of stuffing to divide the padding into balls.

The Snowman inside

5.  The workpiece bind across in two places and try to form snow balls and tuft.

Link Snowman's Blank

Associate Snowman in two places

Ready Body Snowman from sock

6. To make a scarf for a snowman, take a piece of cloth and tie them to the neck of the product.

Sock Snowman Scarf

7. Now we need to start making a beanie. Make it easy. Take the remaining piece of the sock, wrap it to the desired length and put on the snowman’s head.

Hat for a snowman from a sock

Dress up the hat on the snowman of the sock

8.  Now we need to decorate our snowman.  Do not be afraid to include your imagination. For example, you can use buttons. Spread them with glue and glue on the body of the snowman

Decorate Snowman with buttons

9. The snowman from the sock is almost ready. It remains only to make eyes and a spout. To do this, use the English pins, buttons or make them out of paper and glue to the product

Eyes for a snowman from a sock

Snowman Spout

All! Our snowman from the sock is ready!

Video instruction:

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