Let’s look at step-by-step instructions for creating such a cute snowman from a plastic bottle.

To do this, we will need:


  • Thin brushes for drawing and a small piece of sponge
  • Scissors
  • Needle


  • Plastic bottle (but pay attention to the shape, best fit from under mineral water)
  • Paints of different colors and whitewash
  • Snowman decoration cloth (soft plush or other, to your liking)
  • Thread
  • Decoration


1.  First, we need to cut the plastic bottle and connect the two parts together. If it is not easy to do, it is possible to try to heat a place of connection of details a candle or a lighter. After we have connected two parts, toning our product with the help of white.

Materials for the creation of a snowman

2.  We wait for the paint to dry and begin to paint the face of our snowman. Leave the product to dry and in the meantime can sew for him mittens and hands.  Curve hands can be seen here.

Snowman Body Manufacturing

3. Now we can start decorating the snowman. You can make cap, scarf or other decorate. That it was not visible the bottom of a bottle, it is possible to make it long clothes in a tone to belilam or a tank-top and to decorate it with buttons.

Clothes for Snowman

All! Our Snowman is ready!

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